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Cisco Industrial Grade Switches

Industrial switches engineered for extremes

In today’s IoT-driven industrial landscape, robust and reliable networking infrastructure is paramount. At Inexa Technologies, we provide cutting-edge Cisco Industrial Grade Switches, including the Cisco IE 1000 Series, to meet the demands of modern industrial environments in Gurgaon.

Features & Benefits

Power up your industrial network with switches that work harder

Discover how the right switches can help you increase productivity, improve efficiency, boost security, and correct faults sooner.

Switches for every industry, every use case

Factory floors, electric substations, roadway intersections—the list is endless. With ruggedized Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches for protocol support and resiliency, so are the solutions.

Grow your operations—and simplify them

Reduce downtime through quick issue resolution, boost efficiencies with automation and guided workflows, and stay compliant with your original design by tracking and resolving changes with Cisco DNA Center.

Built-in protection from cyberthreats

Protect your operations from ever-evolving cyberthreats with built-in visibility and security features as well as integration with threat-detection and response systems.

The best of IT for operations

Combine enterprise-grade performance, management, and security with robust industrial-strength resiliency, protocol support, and certifications to meet the needs of both IT and OT.

Find the ideal switch to fit your purpose

Inexa Technologies is committed to powering the connectivity of industries in Gurgaon and beyond. With Cisco Industrial Grade Switches, including the versatile Cisco IE 1000 Series, you can embrace the future of industrial networking with confidence. Contact us today to explore our range of Cisco switches and elevate your industrial connectivity to new heights.

Contact Inexa Technologies today to explore our comprehensive range of Cisco switches, request pricing information, and embark on a journey towards heightened industrial connectivity and efficiency. Your success is our priority, and together, we can build the networks that drive progress and innovation.

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