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Juniper Routers

Dramatically improve network operations with the industry’s most scalable, programmable, and resilient routers. Juniper’s comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed routers offer unparalleled capacity, agility, and operational consistency with the end-to-end automation required for service-aware networks that power today’s hyperconnected world.


Juniper Networks is a technology company that provides networking and cybersecurity products and services. Some of their popular Juniper router series includes the MX series, which are high-performance routers designed for use in enterprise and service provider networks, and the SRX series, which are security devices that provide firewall, VPN, and other security features for protecting networks.

In terms of wireless routers, Juniper offers a range of products that are designed for use in both enterprise and service provider environments. Juniper routers often provide advanced features such as wireless LAN (WLAN) control, wireless intrusion prevention, and support for a variety of wireless standards.

Juniper also offers a range of security products, including firewalls, VPN, and intrusion prevention systems, as well as products for secure web gateway, data loss prevention, and threat intelligence.

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