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Discover a Reliable Dealer for HPE Aruba Network Switches

Discover a switching portfolio purpose-built for cloud, mobile, and IoT.

Inexa Technologies is your trusted provider of HPE Aruba network switches, offering a comprehensive range of models to meet the diverse networking requirements of businesses. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that you can rely on our Aruba switches to power your network infrastructure efficiently.

HPE Aruba Network Switches: Our selection of HPE Aruba network switches encompasses a variety of models designed to deliver high performance, scalability, and flexibility. Whether you’re building a small office network or a large enterprise infrastructure, we have the right switch to meet your needs.

Aruba Switch Price: We understand that price is an important consideration when selecting network switches. That’s why we offer competitive Aruba switch prices to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, allowing you to build a reliable network without breaking the bank.

HPE Aruba Switch Models: Inexa Technologies offers a wide range of HPE Aruba switch models to cater to various networking requirements. From entry-level switches for small businesses to advanced models for enterprise environments, our lineup includes switches with features such as PoE, stacking, and advanced management capabilities.

With Inexa Technologies as your Aruba Switches Partner, you can trust that our HPE Aruba network switches will provide the performance, reliability, and scalability your business needs to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our Aruba switch offerings and find the perfect solution for your networking needs. Top of Form

Aruba UXI sensors

Create a modern network that connects, protects, and simplifies

Take advantage of intuitive management tools and built-in analytics. Meet the ever-growing needs of your users, devices, and applications. With Aruba, you can:

  • Cut the complexity of IT
  • Reduce time spent troubleshooting
  • Create the foundation for new technologies & future business needs

Aruba Network switches for enterprise

A smarter, more secure Edge is closer than you think. Get what you need to connect users, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and IoT devices. Find HP Aruba Switch that scale with your business — solutions that can be deployed and managed with ease.

HPE Aruba is a leading provider of network switches for enterprise, data center, and campus environments. Aruba switches are known for their high performance, reliability, and security features. Some popular models of HPE Aruba switches include 2920, 5400R, and 8320 series. Prices for these switches can vary depending on the model and the number of ports. It’s best to contact a inexa technologies authorized HPE Aruba reseller or partner for specific pricing information. Invest in networking infrastructure that can handle massive amounts of traffic and scale your business. Meet growing user, device, and app demands without missing a beat. Aruba’s network switches provide performance, automation, and built-in analytics to suit the present and future business needs. Aruba switches are made to enable cloud, mobile, and IoT.
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Campus core and data center switches

Meet the needs of your evolving campus core and data center networking requirements. Simplify operations with intelligent automation, distributed analytics, and always-on infrastructure.


Simplify network operations with Aruba Networks Analytics Engine

Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE), built into select Aruba CX switches, provides real-time, network-wide insights to speed troubleshooting and planning.

HPE FlexFabric and FlexNetwork Switches

Networking solutions that enable both traditional and evolving data center architectures

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