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Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Prisma Cloud secures applications from code to cloud

Prisma Cloud is a cloud-native application protection platform that helps organizations secure their cloud infrastructure, applications, and data. It includes a range of Prisma Security Tool, such as network security, application security, and container security, as well as monitoring and compliance capabilities.

XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, is a security concept that involves the collection and analysis of data from multiple sources, including networks, endpoints, and the cloud, to identify and respond to threats.

Palo Alto Networks offers a product called Cortex XDR, which is an XDR platform that provides visibility and protection across a range of environments, including on-premises, cloud, and endpoints. Cortex XDR Pro is an enhanced version of Cortex XDR that includes additional features and capabilities.

Palo Alto Networks also offers security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) through its IoT Security platform, which helps organizations secure their connected devices and manage the associated risks. The platform includes features such as asset discovery, device, and network security, and risk management.

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